In a Digital Marketing Analytics Course? The Advantages of Predictive Analytics

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Predictive analytics help business professionals make better marketing decisions, which can result in increased revenue. With a growth rate of 23% per year, predictive analytics processes are being adopted by industries across the board. If you haven’t become acquainted with the benefits of predictive analytics, then you’ll want to start to familiarize yourself to implement […]

3 Career Paths You Can Pursue After Digital Marketing Analytics Training

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Analytics plays a vital role in the world of digital marketing, providing data-driven insights that allow marketers to make more effective decisions. With marketing analytics, businesses across various industries can learn more about their target audience and discover valuable patterns in consumer behaviour and preferences. This information can then produce successful campaigns that help businesses […]

3 Tips for Creating Actionable Goals During Digital Marketing Analytics Training

A business’ website is not only there to represent the organization. It’s also responsible for nurturing leads and making sales. However, a good website is measured by more than just the number of pageviews it accrues. Today, many businesses use Google Analytics in order to determine how successful their website and marketing efforts are at […]

Considering Digital Marketing Analytics Training? Explore a Career as a Web Analytics Specialist

Data-driven marketing has become highly in-demand, allowing businesses to improve their marketing efforts through real-time data. Professional analysts in digital marketing have a competitive advantage, able to utilize their skill set to help businesses discover key insights into consumer behaviour, campaign performance, as well as future trends.  By exploring web analytics and making data-driven decisions, […]

3 Hidden Skills You’ll Gain During Your Digital Marketing Analytics Training

Digital marketing analytics is becoming increasingly more crucial in today’s data-driven world. Digital marketing professionals with a marketing analytics background are able to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, evaluating campaigns and predicting future trends more successfully.  By relying on tangible data and research, marketing analysts become essential to businesses—helping them make decisions that promote […]

Taking Digital Analysis Courses? A Brief Guide to Tracking Codes and How to Use Them

A key part of a digital marketing professional’s role is creating campaigns and accurately monitoring their progress. Without this additional step, digital marketers would be unable to optimize their messaging—significantly impacting the effectiveness of their campaign.  By using various tracking codes, digital marketers are able to monitor a wide range of campaigns and activities. This […]