An Introduction To Search Engine Advertising For Those Considering Digital Marketing Training

A digital marketer carrying out a search engine advertising campaign after digital marketing training

If you’re considering digital marketing training in preparation for a career in the dynamic digital marketing industry, multi-platform advertising is one skill and lesson you’ll need to master quickly. Success as a digital marketer is often measured by how effectively and consistently you can get clients’ messages and products in front of an engaged, motivated […]

A Brief Guide To Creating Video Content After Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing professional designing a video marketing strategy

If you are training to enter the digital marketing industry, chances are you already know that video content is one of the most engaging types of content at the moment. Videos capture our attention and deliver messages in a more digestible format than text. If done well, video content can bring your marketing strategy to […]

Consider A PR Career After Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing training grad working at a table

After earning a digital marketing diploma, many career opportunities await you. Those who receive a quality digital marketing education possess numerous highly transferable skills that modern companies need. For example, the competencies you’ll develop in our diploma program will prepare you to thrive in public relations – a field that helps companies strategically manage their […]

4 Types Of Segmentation To Remember After Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing professionals brainstorm during digital marketing training

Market segmentation is a fundamental practice in marketing aimed at dividing a vast and homogeneous market of potential customers into distinct segments that can be easily identified. This division is based on specific criteria or shared characteristics, which result in customers having similar product needs. Segments consist of individuals likely to respond similarly to marketing […]

3 Signs You’ll Thrive As A Social Media Coordinator After Digital Marketing Training

digital marketing training grad creating social media posts.

Social media coordinators perform various content creation tasks to attract more customers to a brand. These tasks include researching target audiences, creating engaging content, monitoring post performance, and facilitating communications internally and externally. They enjoy a fun, interesting career that allows them to use their creative thinking skills and way with words. If you’re wondering […]

Do You Have What It Takes to Lead a Team After Digital Marketing Courses?

Successful digital marketing team leader in his office after digital marketing training

Being responsible for the successes or failures of a group of people can be a challenging prospect to face up to under any circumstance. But taking on a leadership role right after your training can feel particularly daunting. It’s said that great leaders are not born but made. Just like each job needs certain skills […]

Want a Digital Marketing Career? 4 Effective Job Search Tips

Man seeking a digital marketing career submitting job applications

Digital marketing uses digital channels to reach audiences and promote brands and products. It is a fascinating, dynamic field that is constantly growing and developing. Career-seekers from all educational and professional backgrounds can find stimulating and fulfilling roles within the industry, bringing their unique skills to the table and enjoying plenty of opportunities to learn […]

Want a Digital Marketing Career? Learn How Email Marketing is Getting Smarter

A group of budding digital marketers sitting around a table in their digital marketing career

Email marketing is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. It allows businesses to communicate with their customers, build and nurture relationships, and promote their products or services. Having said that, the processes involved in email marketing are multifaceted, and as a result, it is often tedious and cumbersome. With advancements in artificial intelligence […]