4 Entry-Level Marketing Jobs for Recent Graduates

A digital marketing course grad with colleagues

Embarking on a career in marketing is an exciting journey that offers a dynamic and creative landscape for professionals. As a recent graduate, you may wonder where to begin in this vast field. Entry-level marketing jobs are the gateway to gaining the essential experience and skills to thrive in this industry.  What do entry-level marketers […]

Why Is Social Media an Important Part of Inbound Marketing?

A male digital marketing professional reading social media marketing on his phone, as seen in our digital marketing course

Inbound marketing has become the cornerstone of successful marketing strategies in today’s digital age. It’s a customer-centric approach focused on attracting potential customers through valuable content, building relationships, and ultimately guiding them toward your brand. Why is social media an important part of inbound marketing? Within this inbound framework, social media has emerged as one […]

Exploring Shock Advertising: Its Role and Effectiveness in Digital Marketing

A smartphone user reacting to shock advertising

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, creating marketing material that stands out among the competition poses a unique challenge. For this reason, we’re exploring shock advertising, a bold and often controversial strategy that aims to grab attention, provoke thought, and drive engagement. As a premier digital marketing institute, Cumberland College BC is at the forefront […]

Learning by Doing: Elevate Your Skills with a Digital Marketing Side Hustle

A group of digital marketing professionals looking at a laptop after completing a digital marketing course

One of the most beautiful things about side hustles is that they often require minimal capital and accessible skills to start. A growth mindset and a willingness to learn are all it takes to establish a thriving side hustle.  If you’re looking for a good side hustle, consider settling for a digital marketing side hustle. […]

What Does BoF Mean In Marketing?

What does BoF , ToF and MoF mean in marketing chart breakdown.

In the complex landscape of marketing, you’ll come across a myriad of acronyms and terms, each essential to understanding the intricate processes behind effective marketing strategies. One such acronym that has been making waves in the marketing world is BoF. But what does BoF mean in marketing? Let’s dive in. Understanding BoF in Marketing BoF, […]

What Are Buyer Personas? A Guide for Students in Digital Marketing School

Most people agree that not every product or service is meant for every person. Yet, many marketers, designers, and product teams make the mistake of making assumptions about their customers’ needs due to an inadequate understanding of what those needs really are. Consequently, they spend time and resources on the wrong projects and campaigns.  That’s […]

In Digital Marketing Analytics Training? CRM Best Practices to Keep in Mind

If you’re considering a career in digital marketing in any capacity, there’s no question that you’ll need to be familiar with CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Current market trends reveal that buyers are now looking for highly personalized shopping experiences. Instead of prioritizing the product being sold, marketers are shifting their focus to […]

CRM Reporting: Why it Matters and Why You Want to Learn About it at Digital Marketing School

Businesses are increasingly using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems as a way to efficiently organize client and sales data. These systems aggregate all customer information into a centralized system that is accessible to all relevant parties within the business. Every customer question, service request, contact detail, and previous purchase is instantly available for analysis.  These […]