In Digital Marketing School? 3 Ways Social Media Is Changing the Field

If you’re seeking a career in digital marketing, social media will play a crucial role in your ability to strategize and successfully drive results. As social media becomes a more pervasive part of everyday life, brands are clueing in on how it can be used as a marketing tool due to how widespread, capable, and […]

What Are Buyer Personas? A Guide for Students in Digital Marketing School

Most people agree that not every product or service is meant for every person. Yet, many marketers, designers, and product teams make the mistake of making assumptions about their customers’ needs due to an inadequate understanding of what those needs really are. Consequently, they spend time and resources on the wrong projects and campaigns.  That’s […]

The Importance of Good UX Design Explained for Students in Digital Marketing School

A strong digital marketing strategy should always incorporate good UX (user experience) design. Here, user experience is typically understood as the way users interact with products and services—significantly impacting a brand’s relationship with its leads and customers.  Digital marketers know that having a strong online presence is essential, and good UX design is an effective […]

Semantic HTML Explained for Students in Digital Marketing School

In the world of web design, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is an essential element for telling web browsers how to read the various components of a web page. The coding language has been around since the birth of the Internet, but has changed over time to include information about the meaning of the content appearing […]

What Students in Digital Marketing School Should Know About Responsive Web Design

Whenever you go online and visit a website, responsive web design kicks in—ensuring that what you see is structured in the most pleasing, user-friendly presentation possible. Responsive web design is essential for every website, particularly as more users start relying on a variety of mobile devices to access their favourite sites. With almost every business […]

3 Skills You’ll Need to Work in Marketing Automation in Your Digital Marketing Career

The need for digital marketers is rising as technology and digital solutions grow in popularity. Many companies are employing digital marketers to help them grow and understand their business, and expertise in marketing automation can make a big difference.  Marketing automation specialists help companies improve their communication and sales productivity, optimizing marketing strategies as well […]

3 Marketing Automation Trends for Students in Digital Marketing School to Watch in 2021

Marketing automation helps businesses use automated technology to improve their digital marketing efforts, increase sales and client retention, and streamline company productivity. Research and Markets have predicted that the market size for marketing automation worldwide will reach $8.42 billion USD (around $10.7 billion CAD) by 2027. Better yet, a HubSpot report suggests that automation is […]

How to Retain Clients During Your Digital Marketing Career

Getting clients to engage with your digital marketing campaigns is half the battle. The other half is making sure they keep coming back. Client retention in the world of digital marketing is key to long-term success, and you’ll want to make sure you’re able to maintain your client base for years to come.  Actually doing […]

How to Define Your Target Audiences After Digital Marketing School

As a digital marketing professional, you’ll be in a great position to help connect businesses to their customers. Digital marketing professionals form bridges that link these two parties. They help to raise awareness of a business’ unique products or services, raise consumer interest, and facilitate a lucrative business-consumer relationship.  In this position, digital marketing professionals […]

How Digital Marketing School Graduates Can Use KPIs to Their Advantage

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KPIs are essential to any skilled business or marketing professional. Also referred to as Key Performance Indicators, KPIs are used to evaluate business success across several different levels. Marketing professionals should know that KPIs are distinct from business metrics in that they are defined in highly specified ways. KPIs should reflect core objectives that are […]