How to Perfect Landing Pages for Those in Marketing Automation Training

A landing page is a web page where a visitor should land after clicking on a search engine ad, search result, or other types of marketing promotion. It is a standalone web page that is meant to convert leads. It does this by having a call-to-action (CTA) which is focused on increasing conversion rates of […]

Automating Content Marketing After Marketing Automation Training

Content has become an integral part of any business’s marketing strategy, but it involves more than having a company blog or a YouTube channel. Effective content marketing consists of many moving parts. Not only do marketers need to create valuable, quality content, but it also needs to be both personalized and carefully timed in order […]

How Professionals with Marketing Automation Training Can Improve the Customer Experience

marketing automation training

It’s the goal of every business to improve the customer experience, but maintaining a great relationship with customers throughout each interaction is no easy task, especially for larger organizations. Marketing automation, or using technology to conduct various strategies and types of marketing automatically, is essential to efficient and effective marketing. As technology has evolved, it’s […]

Considering Marketing Automation Training? 4 Things You Should Be Automating and Why

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Marketing automation can lend a huge helping hand when carrying out your marketing activities. You can use automation software to complete time-consuming tasks with very little effort, allowing you to focus your energy and resources on more complex and creative efforts. In this way, you can boost your productivity, enhance your digital marketing strategy, and […]

3 Ways Corporate Digital Training Can Help Small Businesses Grow

Small businesses have a lot to focus on when it comes to allocating finances and building a clientele. As a small business owner, one commitment you should make is the commitment to your employees. When employees are given the option to participate in corporate training programs, the result is often very tangible benefits for the […]

The Importance of Workflow Management For Those in Digital Marketing Careers

Any expert in a digital marketing career would tell you that in order to be successful, before anything else, you need to start with a solid plan. Teams that are the most successful are those with a strong understanding of workflow management and who know how to make the most of workflow automation. These groups […]

Tips From Our Expert Instructors: Marketing Automation with Jesus Robles

marketing automation courses

The Marketing Automation program is a 90-hour course at Cumberland College that focuses on hands-on training to get you involved with real marketing automation projects. This course is offered as part of the ACS in Digital Marketing, as well as a standalone course, depending on your educational needs.  Today, we’re hearing from one of our […]

How Corporate Digital Training Can Help Your Team Leverage Automated Marketing Workflows

Marketing automation describes the process of using software to automate certain business activities such as social media posts, email marketing, and SMS messaging. The purpose of this software is to automate communications with potential customers as they learn about your services, freeing up your team members’ time to work on other matters that require their […]

Social Media Automation: An Intro for Students Taking Marketing Automation Courses

Marketing automation is growing in-demand for good reason, allowing digital marketers to more efficiently complete their tasks. Through the use of marketing automation tools, digital marketers can significantly improve lead generation efforts, enhance communication, and increase sales productivity.  Digital marketers who use social media automation can also see many benefits. Here, they can use a […]

Contact Management Explained for Students in Marketing Automation Courses

As the field of digital marketing expands, companies today are looking for ways to streamline their business processes. Marketing automation aims to optimize business strategies by improving communication, customer reach, and data analytics. One of the ways this can be achieved is through effective contact management.  Contact management involves recording contact details and tracking their […]