3 Benefits You Can Expect Your Business to Gain from Corporate Training in SEO

Corporate training in SEO can boost your business’s long-term brand awareness, improve search visibility, and ultimately increase your leads and sales down the road. At Cumberland College, we offer personalized training programs to suit the top goals of your business. Giving your team members access to professional training to further their skills enhances the value […]

An Intro to Defining Target Keywords with Corporate Training in SEO

professional development training in SEO

If you want to improve your business’ searchability, defining target keywords, or keyword targeting, is an essential step. Keywords are the specific words used to encompass a number of search terms. For example, the keyword “Montreal grocery” could cover searches like “Montreal grocery store nearby,” “best Montreal grocery store” and more. Keyword targeting is the […]

How Professional Development Training in SEO Helps Your Business Stand Out

professional development courses in SEO

With over 1.5 billion websites on the internet, making your business stand out can often seem like an uphill battle. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a leading method in digital marketing that does just that. Understanding keyword research, website copy and design, content creation, auditing and analyzing data are just a few of the important […]