Thinking of SEO Specialist Training? 3 SEO Audit Best Practices to Remember

Search Engine Optimization is a process used by digital marketers to help boost website traffic and increase visibility on search engines. SEO experts have become highly sought-after as companies invest in improving their online presence. If you’re interested in a career that’s in demand and allows you to use both strategy and creativity, this path […]

How to Improve Your SEO Strategy with a Backlink Campaign after SEO Specialist Training

Effective digital marketing relies on a variety of tools and techniques to create positive results that achieve business goals. These efforts can also include a backlink campaign, typically referring to a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that aims to boost visibility. Here, digital marketers try to increase the number of hyperlinks used on other websites […]

What Students in a Search Engine Optimization Course Should Know About Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an integral part of the overall Search Engine Optimization process, used to optimize the site’s infrastructure instead of the site’s content. Here, the site is being optimized for crawling and indexing, though technical SEO can also contribute to increasing search visibility. Those interested in becoming digital marketing experts will need to understand […]