Best Practices For Advertising on Twitter After Social Media Marketing Courses

Social media marketing concept as explained in social media marketing courses

Twitter is the home of Elon Musk, unlimited memes and ceaseless banter, and interesting hot takes. With over 436 million monthly users and over 237 million monetizable users, it can also be a valuable advertising channel for businesses savvy enough to leverage its immense reach. To maximize your reach and attract a larger follower base […]

In Digital Marketing School? 3 Ways Social Media Is Changing the Field

If you’re seeking a career in digital marketing, social media will play a crucial role in your ability to strategize and successfully drive results. As social media becomes a more pervasive part of everyday life, brands are clueing in on how it can be used as a marketing tool due to how widespread, capable, and […]

Understanding the Impact of Influencer Marketing During Your Social Media Career

With more products and services on the market than ever before, consumers need guidance amidst a stream of new companies seeking to capture their attention. Younger consumers (namely millennials and Gen Z) have presented a unique challenge to marketers as they seem to share a general mistrust of traditional advertising. In fact, one study found […]