Digital Marketing Professional Diploma Program in Surrey

Why Study Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is rapidly growing and evolving, creating new and exciting career opportunities for those with strong digital skills. In fact, 4 in 10 marketing jobs now require digital skills, a number that is only expected to rise as promotional activity increases online.
If you’re looking to boost your career development with these sought-after skills, then education is your first step. Our diploma program will increase your eligibility for general digital marketing positions: this includes key careers, preparing you to become a marketing assistant, digital marketing specialist, or digital media coordinator. With these skills, you can also gain entry into specific fields related to SEO, social media management, content marketing, email marketing, web analytics, and more.
At Cumberland College, we understand that the digital marketing industry is broad and ever-changing. To help our students better fulfill their goals and career aspirations, our program offers cutting-edge knowledge and hands-on practice, enabling graduates to explore a wide range of career paths and launch successful careers.

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Digital Marketing Careers

Cumberland College graduates are eligible for coordinator and specialist positions in in-demand digital fields—including social media, e-commerce, digital media, and more. The program will also equip you with key skills and insight, preparing you to work at advertising, marketing, and public relations agencies.
Here are some career fields you can explore after completing your program:

Our Digital Marketing Diploma Program

Career success is at the heart of Cumberland’s Digital Marketing Diploma program. Through a hands-on learning approach, students have the opportunity to focus on practical assignments and develop real-world digital skills. All of our courses are taught by digital marketing experts who actively work in the field, providing students with insider knowledge and up-to-date career training for future success.
Our Digital Marketing Diploma program covers a broad range of in-demand digital marketing topics—including analytics, paid advertising, and search engine optimization. This exposure to different fields ensures that our students are prepared to become professional marketers with multifaceted skill sets. The program comprises a total of 900 contact hours over the course of 45 weeks.
Financial aid options may be available; contact your admissions representative.

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