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Digital Marketing & Advertising Training Courses

Taught by experienced professionals, Cumberland College’s courses cover every facet of the digital marketing industry. Each course is available as a standalone option for students, and can also be taken as part of our ACS in Digital Marketing. With an emphasis on practical work and plenty of time for students to use real digital marketing tools and platforms, each course will give you the skills to jump straight into a highly specialized career as soon as you finish.

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basic html programming

Basic HTML Programming

The Basic HTML Programming course can be completed in just 15 weeks. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of HTML programming and gain an understanding of how this well-established language fits into the programming world.

marketing automation

Marketing Automation

This comprehensive course provides an in-depth overview of marketing automation and its applicability in today’s digital marketplace. Covering the principles of lead capture, lead nurture, and automated campaigns, graduates are well-equipped to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s overall marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

The 15-week course will walk you through the process of building a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, from analyzing your audience, to identifying your competitive advantage, to monitoring and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization Course at Cumberland College will introduce you to the basic principles of organic search ranking and show you how to make a site stand out among the 1 billion websites on the internet.

Social Media Marketing II

Social Media Marketing II

This 15-week course is the second of two social media courses offered at Cumberland College. The course will teach students additional social media strategies and tactics.

Social Media Marketing I

The 15-week course is the first half of a two-part social media course, designed to teach students everything that they need to know to succeed professionally in today’s business world. 

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Over a span of 15 weeks, you will learn how to leverage social media platforms to increase brand awareness, how to tailor advertising campaigns to your ideal audience, and how to optimize social media advertising campaigns to generate the highest possible number of conversions.

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising

This 15-week course will walk you through the process of a successful search campaign, from defining your objectives and goals, to campaign setup, to monitoring and optimizing your ads to improve performance and ROI.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing Analytics

The Digital Marketing Analytics course can be completed in just 15 weeks. Instructors take a practical and interactive approach so that coursework is optimized for students to develop and refine the skills they need for the job market.

Email Marketing Software and How Mailing Lists Work

The Email Marketing Software and How Mailing Lists Work course aims to develop the necessary skills for carrying out email marketing campaigns using essential platforms like HubSpot, MailChimp, Klaviyo, and SmartSender.

Understanding, Building, and Retaining a Customer Base

The Understanding, Building, and Retaining a Customer Base course is designed to enable you develop a range of skills. These skills prepare you to identify the strengths of an online business, determine the motivations and concerns of a target audience, as well as apply customer acquisition techniques. Part of the course is also devoted to online advertising management and data analysis, helping you measure the impact of a campaign.

Operating an Online Business

The Operating an Online Business course is designed to teach you how to build an online business with Shopify. In addition, it enables you to gain key skills in planning, developing, and managing an online business. Part of the course is also dedicated to the evaluation and effectiveness of an online marketing platform, which can help with making necessary improvements.

Open Source E-commerce Platform Infrastructure

The Open Source E-Commerce Platform Infrastructure course is designed to teach you how to build an online business using the most popular platforms. It also allows you to develop programming skills for marketing products on a website and implementing improvements after making an assessment.

Customer Service

The Customer Service course aims to develop a set of essential skills for providing technical support in the execution of customer service activities. From management to the analysis of performance indicators, this training covers key topics that allow you to become familiar with the best practices for developing professional online customer service and taking the necessary measures to make improvements.

Building an Online Store

The Building an Online Store course aims to help students develop essential skills in implementing all aspects related to the creation of an online store. This ranges from legal and tax issues to the development of product description sheets. The course also includes a dedicated section on product promotion, order management, and customer service management.

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